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Alaska Homeschool is an innovative program that believes in supporting a parent's autonomy in educating their children. Based out of the Delta/Greely School District in Delta Junction, we are able to offer many district-wide opportunities for our homeschool students...all to help you achieve your homeschooling goals.

Considering switching from another homeschool program, but might owe them for your computer/other items or have to give it back? We will purchase it for you...just ask us how when you enroll!

Mission Statement

Students: Through a partnership of certified teachers and parent-teachers, Alaska Homeschool offers students an educational program that encourages high academic achievement based on State Standards and the appropriate social/emotional growth that can be supported from a home-based program. 

Families: Alaska Homeschool will provide and educational program for all students residing in the DGSD attendance area that allows for parent choice, exemplary teacher and staff support from the school, as well as educational opportunities and incentives unique to the local area.

Belief Statements

* We believe families should be the major nurturing force in the lives of their children.

* We believe that a strong academic knowledge base is a foundation for a strong society.

* We believe a strong work ethic should be emphasized at all ages.

* We believe that individuals should be responsible and held accountable for their actions.

* We believe every person has value and should be encouraged, challenged, and given the opportunity to reach his/her highest potential.

* We believe individuals should be encouraged to be active life-long learners.

* We believe in morality and integrity in all facets of life.

* We believe we should strive for mutual understanding, cooperation, and respect.

Desired Learner Outcomes for Students

Alaska Homeschool and Delta/Greely School District have adopted the State of Alaska Standards. The courses accessed by students are aligned to these standards. It is our desire that each and every student achieve proficiency in these standards and graduate with an accredited diploma.

In addition to meeting academic standards, Alaska Homeschool wishes to instill in its students appropriate work ethic and social skills necessary to be contributing, productive citizens. Career and college ready skills are emphasized in the secondary grades, but a foundation for these skills is laid during the early learning years.

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